thinontheinside (thinontheinside) wrote in diet_dilemma,

I'm new

Thought I'd introduce myself. I've been on and off diets since I was 15. I've done everything there is to do: pills, exercise, starving, liposuction, groups, plans. Evertyhing. I'm back to being at my heaviest.

female, 30
current weight: 160+
goal weight: 125
highest weight: 170

currently on: Xenical, Zantrex.

Thanks for letting me post.
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Well, at least lipo rid you of fat cells.
So, you're only back to the same as before...
Fat cells suxor, they get big and full, and then multiply... so as you get older, if you gain lots of weight, even when you are thin you have the same capacity as when you carried your most fat. YOU got rid of fat cells... so you're good on that.

Pills make the body angry, I've decided, because pills force the body to use lots of energy and they often make you very *not hungry* which means you're upping the metabolism, and not feeding the body. So when you get off them, you're always hungry, and your body tries to conserve whatever calories you feed it. Starvation syndrome. yick.

The best way to control weight, manage skin care, and stabalize emotion is a combination of *good* diet and exercise. Usually cutting calories down in the beginning to lose weight and then when you've hit the desired weight or appearance regulate those calories and feed your body enough to mantain proper health.
It'll take a while, but it's worth it, that's the best for your entire body and it'll help you be a happier, less stressed person.

BTW, I'm 23 at 181, and my weight goal is 135-140.
how do you like xenical? i used it in high school and lost lots of weight, but it was disgusting, and as soon as i went off the pills my weight soared to its highest point.
I've been considering pills. I'm plateauing at 149. I can't get a pound beneath it except right when i wake up and am at my most water free.
My goal is 130. I'm not too far off, i can see it in the distance, but I need a kickstart or a drill sergeant, or maybe a pill that will get enough of a result to motivate. So tell me what you can about pills, if you ahve the time?
thanks =)