Meg (foundasoul) wrote in diet_dilemma,

today was an eye-opener...4000 calores!! *dies*

i've been a member for awhile, but this is my first post. i've always had a weight problem, family is all big, the usual story. lost weight in high school with atkins, then gained it all back and then some my senior year of hs/freshman year of college. i have a really addicitve personality and food has just been another addiction i've been unable to beat. i've lost about 20 pounds in the last year and a half, and i am now living in london, doing a semester abroad. i'd love to get fit, i actually lvoe to exercise, but i get bored and all that nonsense. i also wear an H-cup bra so it can be bad news to run, even though i like to. i also have fibromyalgia which causes me extreme pain, like right now (after walking 3 hours to central london and back). id' also really love to go home a bit thinner. i have no idea how much i weigh right now bc i don't own a scale, but i am guessing around 175 (i'm 5'2"). i'm a size 14/16 US, and would love to be a 12 when i get home, and weigh around 160. i have 7 weeks, 15 lbs should be easy. in the long run, like by graduation next spring, i'd love to be a size 6/8 and weigh 135. do any of you know any sites that caluculate nutritional value of food, similar to thanks, and good luck to you all. be my support.
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