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My day.

So I had ordered this digital scale that measured tenths of a pound. It was shipped via UPS. Since I live on a college campus, UPS is weird with us. When we get something shipped by US mail that's bigger than an envelope, we just get a little card in our box notifying us of it, and we show our student ID and the card at the campus post office desk and they retrieve our package for us. UPS will sometimes call and get you to come drive out to their place out in the boonies (and nobody I know, knows where it is). I'm thinking, "What's the point of ordering something off the Internet, if you still have to go get it?" But anyways, so I went and asked the post office ladies about it today and that's what they told me - that since it was UPS, it maybe Monday before I'd get any calls or notification about my package because UPS wants to deliver to a dorm room, which isn't an address. I always use my campus mail address, so that doesn't work for them apparently. Hmph. So...after I'd waited to eat (because I thought I'd get up, go to my psychology experiments and then grab my package from the post office, run back to the dorm, pee, strip down naked, and then weigh myself), I decided that since the damn thing wouldn't be here for a couple of days, I'd just eat some peanuts from the vending machine, along with drinking a couple of diet cokes. I go to another experiment (there was an unexpected time gap between the two psych. experiments - I finished the 12pm-1pm survey at 12:09, so I didn't want to wait around for almost an hour), come back, and the scale is there, and it also is NOT the scale I ordered. It's a regular digital scale that doesn't measure tenths of a pound. I go to Weight Watchers meetings at least every other week, and since WW's scales measure by the tenth, I just wanted one, too. It's really no big deal, but I was just kinda miffed that I'd ordered something specific, paid for it, and gotten something different. It's easy to find the regular digital scales; I could have gotten someone to take me to Wal-Mart and I could have purchased one for a cheaper price, minus the shipping & handling fee.
Also, since I had munched on peanuts and Diet Cokes, I sort of sabotaged my own weighing, ROFL. So, I figured the hell with it and I ate the cheese off a few pieces of pizza and my roommate ate the bread. After this, I peed, stripped down, and jumped on the new scale. It said 178, which is down 2 pounds from my last weighing, which was 180.

My roommate has decided (I didn't even try to convince her!) to join me and start the South Beach Diet tomorrow. There are quite a few people who are on WW that seem to do SBD for awhile and love it... :) I'm so happy! She said she'd go tan with me, too. Hehe. Wow.....Anyways. That's that. I'll post tomorrow and let you guys know my *true* weight (in my little world, "true weight" means "the weight of your body when you've just woken up, haven't eaten or drank anything, have peed, and are naked.").

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