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Hello. I'm new here. Have a few questions in mind...

For the past year I've been slacking after leaving school and perhaps put on just a few pounds, unfortunately, around the "stubborn" areas: my stomach, butt and arms. And I've started to get flabby as well. Furthermore, I'm feeling the effects of sitting around on my bum too long. I've started running on and off, but would like to know more about it before seriously getting to it. First up, I don't wish to build too much muscles, but to lose a bit of fat then tone. I do not wish to get those calf muscles, which to me are unsightly since I am no professional marathon runner or sprinter anyway. From my limited knowledge of exercise, most exercise trainers advise letting the the body rest in between periods of a choice exercise, say, in my case, running. Like, run 3 km today, rest tomorrow, then continue the following day. This is to allow the muscles to "repair". Besides, avoiding repetitive exercise which use the same group of muscles too often will in turn avoid building bulky muscles. I wonder how many of you out there subscribe to this theory? But I was thinking, if I do not allow my muscles to rest in between, won't that be more effective in burning fat?

Which brings me to my next point... when we use energy we burn up carbohydrates right? So how could I get my body to burn the fat of as well? I know a balanced diet is ideal, but it still doesn't answer the question that the body does burn off the carbos before using up the fat, which means I'll either have to lower the amount of carbo intake or work much, much, much harder to reach the fats. Those who are devotees of the Atkins diet would agree with the former, but I tend to be quite wary of such diets since the weight always jumps back on later as the system reaction to the earlier shock.

The thing is, I want to lose only a little weight overall, but work more on target areas. Yet, I know it's quite impossible to say, "I want to lose with only on my arms.". Haha, that'll be quite a laugh eh? So I am embarking on a running/swimming routine to give my body an overal workout, to increase my metabolism. I don't know how many of you ladies out there have had the same problem, where when you start losing weight the first place to get thinned out is your chest *sob*. The rest of your body gradually loses weight too, but it doesn't seem to be proportionate, meaning it's thinner but still makes you look fat.

Next... how often should one tone? And how do I implement it into my running/swimming schedule? I am running almost everyday now, which means soon I'll be exercising daily, be it swimming or running. Should I add in some weight training or Pilates at intervals? Or should I swim/run on day, and weight/stretch the next so as not to stress out the body? I am doing Pilates once every three days, although I suspect I may not be getting the most out of it without a coach, but classes are costly so I just learn from books. :P

I know this post is terribly long-winded, but I want to make sure that I got a clear message out. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you very much in advanced.

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