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Hi i'm new to the community, so i thought i'd do a crazy intro thingy

I'm female and 23. I'm only 5'1ish but i weigh currently 226 pounds, i have never weighed this much in my whole life and i hate it. I can't fit into any of my clothes, i hate going out anywhere, i don't even like my husband seeing me naked. I feel so insecure, i need help. My husband is horrible at helping/motivating me (he's 6'4 and really skinny, i want his metabolism!). Currently I've been going walking lately and decreasing my portion sizes and trying not to eat out. (we used to live off of restraunt food until recently). Is walking really as good as magazines say it is for loosing weight?
I would just love to be a size 14 again!! I use to think i was huge when i was a 14. I'm like 10 sizes bigger than that now.
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